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Solar Water Heater

Generally solar water heaters require minimal maintenance. However it would be good to take care of the system to ensure that it lasts longer. Here are some simple maintenance tips.

1. Periodic maintenance of solar water heaters is necessary every 3 to 5 years. Check for any kind of leakage in the pipes, tank, panels, etc as leakage is very common in these areas. Also, you need to check for loose wire connections and wires. Ensure that the panels are kept dust-free.

2. Constant flow of water in the system leads to corrosion of heaters which, in turn, leads to the failure of solar water heaters.To keep the heater remain rust-free for longer period of time, dry it out when it is not in use. Freezing is another phenomenon that occurs in extremely cold climate. This affects the functioning of solar water heaters. Drain the collectors and pipes regularly so that the heaters don’t freeze.

3. Vegetation growth and dust accumulated on the collectors can become a cause of concern due to its continuous usage. Therefore, it needs to be cleaned regularly.

4. If there are any plumbing issues, contact your manufacturer or local service provider to sort the problem effectively.

5. In case of hard water, scale deposits will be observed in the collectors. These can be descaled with the help of proper liquids.

6. To prevent erosion, the exposed surfaces should be painted or redone after 2 or 3 years. Also, if there is any broken glass, ensure that it is replaced by the manufacturer.

Mainly there are two types of Solar water heater care

Installation Care & Maintenance Care

Always installed with authorized Dealer.

Check whether it installed as per company guide line or not.

Always insulated pipes connected with solar storage tank.

Air pipe is critical and its always open end without blockage, protection against blockage should keep open end turn down towards ground and overflow water not dropper.

The solar water heaters are becoming common in our daily life, how to clean the solar water heater is the matter what we must consider now.


  • 1. Noting broken or leaking tubes for replacement.
  • 2. Ensuring valves are in proper positions.
  • 3. Inspecting pipe insulation to minimize losses and maintain freeze protection.
  • 4. Normally, 6 to 7 hours of normal solar radiation is required to heat the water up to 60°C.
  • 5. Cold water tank from which water is supplied is always filled up to the level. Use of Automatic Level controller can help in maintaining an optimum level of water.

If the solar water heater tubes are not washed for a long time, the working efficiency and value of the solar water heater will be greatly reduced, and there are also some potential safety hazards, such as pipe burst, water leakage and so on. resulting in excessive temperature and easy to explode the tube. If you want to clean the tubes, you should follow this steps.

  • 1. Carefully open the water take and Tubes or Flat Plat Collector.
  • 2. appropriate amount of cleaning media into the storage tank and pass forced water into Flat Plat Collector.
  • 3. Let the solar water tank and Flat Plat Collector and tubes have an automatic circulation for 25-35 minutes with descaling diluted chemical, so that all parts can be thoroughly cleaned.
  • 4. Open the sinkhole, drain the cleaning fluid.
  • 5. Fill the tank with water and recycle for two minutes.
  • 6. Drain the circulating water inside.
  • 7. If hard water are used than time to time clean Inlet and Outlet pipe.
  • 8. Air pipe that it is always clean and open, its open end should be towards ground / terrace and take care that excess water will not drop on tank or other parts of solar water heater.

The broken tube will have to be replaced by our team. In case of water leaking out of the system from broken tube, please shut the inlet and outlet valves and inform us at the earliest so that your system can be put in order without any delay. if one of the solar tubes is broken it can be easily replaced at a low cost. Replacement tubes are available through your local dealer.

To find the perfect solar water heater for yourself, take care of the following points:

Application of hot water.

Number of persons & no of utility points.

Area availability for installation.

Direction confirmation & shadow status.

Water quality.

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