On Grid Solar Inverter

On-grid solar power systems generate power using a solar power system and are directly connected to the utility power grid. These systems send excess power generated by the solar power system to the utility grid and consumers get compensated for the extra power fed back. These systems work in collaboration with the power grid. In the case when there is not enough sunlight to meet your business needs, the system runs on the power supplied by the grid. These systems are best suitable when your power consumption is high and you wish to reduce your electricity bills. On-grid systems can be installed with or without net metering. Being connected to the main grid, these systems do not work during power outages.


Businesses can rely on on-grid solar systems to meet their daily requirements, as well as earn income from the excess power generated. On bright sunny days, buildings can generate enough solar energy to power appliances, lights, water heating systems, etc.

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Why Uratom

  1. MCU: TMS320C3X is a 3RD generation high-speed central processing unit (CPU)which allows the use of advanced algorithms, yielding better performance and reducing system component count.
  2. Current Sensors: A current sensor is a device that detects electric current in a wire, and generates a signal proportional to that current. The generated signal could be analog voltage or current or even a digital output. The generated signal can be then used to display the measured current in an ammeter, or can be stored for further analysis in a data acquisition system, or can be used for the purpose of has been used both at AC & DC Side of the Inverters.
  3. Optocoupler: As a type of isolator favored by manufacturers, photocouplers now serve as noise protectors in many electronic devices. Optocouplers consist of either a GaAs or GaA As infrared LED(s) and a silicon photo detector housed in a mold package. GaA As LEDs are adopted in high-speed photo-IC types due to their high-speed and high-light output.
  4. SPD: Single Phase Series have Type III SPD and Three Phase Series have Type II + III SPD protections at AC & DC side.
  5. MPPT: Single Phase: 1 Mppt for 1-3.5KW and 2 Mppt for 4-6.2KW.
  6. Three Phase: 1 Mppt for 4-6.5KW and 2 Mppt for 7-20KW.
  7. GDT: When a voltage disturbance reaches the GDT sparkover value, the GDT will switch into a virtual short, known as the arc mode. In the arc mode, the GDT practically shorts the line, diverting the surge current through the GDT to ground and removes the voltage surge from the plant and equipment. This acts as Additional Protection Given against Voltage/Current Ramps and Lightning Protections.
  8. Fuse: Totally fuse less design, Increases the Reliability of the Inverter at a great extent.
  9. IGBT: High speed 5 Generation IGBT in TRENCHSTOP 5 technology co-packed with RAPID 1 Fast and soft antiparallel diode.
  10. Diodes: Ultrafast Soft Recovery Rectifier Diode which is made up of Silicon Carbide material Increases the current and temperature handling of the inverter and decreases the losses and the leakage current.
  11. Static ELCB/RCMU: We have used Type (AB) RCMU. The Leakage currents can flow through a human body to ground resulting in a risk of electric shock, injury or burns, and can cause overheating and risk of fire. A Residual Current Device (RCD) is used to detect these currents and disconnect the circuit from the source automatically when the values of these residual currents exceed the predefined limits. The residual current may be a pure alternating current (AC), a pure direct current (DC), or a current with both AC and DC components.
  12. LVRT/HVRT: Standard operating voltage range is from 170-270V. Depending upon the Circumstances we can Increase it up to 150-290V.
  13. Display: 16*2 Character Bright LCD Display (Single Phase), Graphical Mimic Display (Three Phase) with LED Indicators and soft key buttons for Easy operation.
  14. Replacement: IP65/NEMA-4X Design. Simple design and less wired connections, which allows the Site Engineer to replace the PCB or the Whole Unit without any difficulty.

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