Manufacturing Plant

Ultra – Modern Sheet Metal Shop

Uratom have a state-of-art sheet metal shop for the structure supporting Solar Water Heater, fabrication process carried out with world-class CNC / NC and PLC’s Machines for complete perfection.

Auto Punching Table

After cutting the required size of sheet it will pass through PLC base automation of punching table where a programmed function run and we get accurate and equal distance hole of inner and outer cell.

Automated Welding Line

Uratom has automatic welding TIG & MIG machine, for vertical, cylindrical and nipple welding, with enhanced production capacity (300+ pcs per day) in G.I Tank.

Robust stand design

We believe that the best product must have best base to support that’s why we make stand from 1.6 mm thick galvanised metal sheet, bend it with Automated Roll Forming machines with perfection. The rust / corrosion free stand matches with the solar water heater’s long life which contributes satisfaction to our customers.

Specially designed super solid stand, made up of high thickness GI sheet using welding less technology. 

Powder coating

For a long period of aesthetic look we process all our raw materials through Seven Tank Treatment plant. In which each and every parts passes through varies chemical like de greasing, de rusting and phosphating with water wash every time, after drying we spray high quality poly propylene power and than back it at 120 – 130 oC in Oven.

Powder coating is purely Poly Propylene so it will stable in Ultra Violet Rays for a longer period.

Auto PUF filling Station

An environment friendly insulation material is injected through automated rail track insulation PUF station with high pressure, increased thickness and density, superior quality PUF which keeps water hot for longer time even at coldest region and days, also enables us to meet the market demand promptly.

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