Our Culture

Uratom’s culture is a leading example of a healthy work environment.


Uratom's Culture Is A Leading Example Of A Healthy Work Environment. Our Employees Get The Privilege To Work In The Latest Technology Of The Solar Energy Segment.​

Employees are an integral Part of the URATOM Family

URATOM’s every single employee is taken care off and is considered as an Assert. URATOM has built a workplace where every individual feels that they are working for a cause and change.

URATOM's Workplace is Fun

URATOM Management has successfully created a workplace where employees enjoy their working. From professional senior level executives to ITI Freshers, from experienced B Tech / M Tech Engineers to an upcoming innovative technocrat, URATOM has accommodated all in one place – URATOM workplace. URATOM has successfully created an innovative and fun working environment for its employees. This increases team efficiency, improves employees’ productivity and helps them get rid of boring cubicle space, dull meeting rooms, or a formal corporate environment.

Employee Awards

The employee of the month award is one of the most common methods of employee recognition. It has become an integral part of almost every company's recognition strategy. When done right, it can motivate employees to engage more and push employee performance to the next level

Birthday Celebration

Birthdays are excellent opportunities to show how much you value an employee


Your anniversary isn't just a celebration of your success. it's a celebration of the trust- based relationship you've built with customers, dedicated staff, and the communities you save

Not a typical corporate culture

URATOM’s very first founder’s letter from Shri Raghavjibhai Dholaria to all potential stakeholders states, “URATOM is not a conventional company. We do not intend to become one. Throughout Uratom’s evolution as a privately held company, we have managed Uratom differently.” Since the beginning, Uratom has managed differently. The organization has encouraged a culture of learning and knowledge sharing. The company believes that learning is the right of every employee, and teaching is the entire company’s responsibility. And that is why Uratom’s employees-to-employees network runs 80% of its tracked training. This U2U teaching network is the way of day to day @ URATOM. Volunteers of URATOM help their peers by teaching professional skills (leadership, public speaking, technical knowhow and negotiation), providing 1:1 mentorship, and preparing learning materials. At URATOM, these kinds of programs are backed by a robust learning environment.

Reasons for why URATOM carries one of the best work cultures across the industry :

The Freedom To Be Creative

URATOM gives people a chance to solve huge problems while delivering people the most important resource they can have information. Our promoters / director and all other superiors are always ready to help their team mates. Those things always increase employee happiness, which has a direct relationship with productivity.


Uratom embraces the most important element of an employer-employee relationship :TRUST. URATOM’s willingness to trust their employees is what breeds creativity, above-and-beyond performance and job satisfaction.


A Modest Purpose

URATOM has a great culture because it has a great / modest purpose that is clear and direct: “To create a greener, healthier and pollution free earth. It is said that if your intentions are good and genuine then even the almighty supports and helps you. This is a reality at URATOM.


Uratom Celebration

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