(Suryashakti Kishan Yojana)

Gujarat is poised to become the first state in the country to roll out a scheme where farmers can generate electricity using solar energy and sell the surplus to the electric grid.Chief minister Mr. Vijaybhai Rupani on Saturday announced Suryashakti Kishan Yojana (SKY) as it's called as per which farmers,besides producing electricity for farm and irrigation purposes , can also sell surplus power to the state owned power companies at RS 7 per unit for a period of seven years under this scheme.

"SKY (Suryashakti Kishan Yojana)would be an able element in fulfilling Prime Minister Narendra Modi's pledge to double the income of farmers by year-2022 , " Gujarat energy minister Saurabh Patel said at a press conference in Gandhinagar that was attended by chief minister Rupani , Deputy chief minister Nitin Patel and other senior Gujarat government officials.

The Central and state governments would pay 60 % amount as a subsidy. while remaining 35 % amount would be a loan to farmer , interest on which would be paid by the state government. The duration for repayment of the loan amount has been fixed for seven years.

The Central Government has been aggressively promoting clean renewable energy initiatives with an ambitious target to install 100 giga watts (GW) of energy capacity from solar power by 2022.

The Scheme duration is 25 year, which is split between 7 year period and 18 year period . the scheme envisages up of separate feeders for agricultural solar energy consumption.

Advantages of Photo Voltaic Power Generation

  • Biggest advantage of this project is that the farmers , after using required electricity generated from solar panels, can sell additional electricity to the government and earn good income out of it.
  • Remaining cost of 35 per cent farmers will be given the option of a low- interest loan , which they have to pay in seven years.
  • This will provide farmers 12- hours power supply during the day time , a demand farmers have been making for long.

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