Flat Plate Collector (FPC)


Technical Specifications of Collector :
Inner Tank"URATOM"
Overall size2030 mm x 1030 mm x 95 mm.
No. of fins per collector9
Absorber areaApprox. 2.06 sq. m
Absorber coatingNALSUN Solar selective coating on copper (black chrome on copper with or without nickel undercodat)
Absorptivity0.92 - 0.96
Emissivity0.10 - 0.15
Temperature tolerance of coatingMore than 200 °C
Absorber sheet (Copper)0.12 mm thick x 1900 mm L x 155 mm W
Riser (Copper tube)O. D. 12.7 mm x 0.5 mm thick x 1922 mm L
Bonding between riser Tube and absorberUltrasonic welding
Bonding between riser Tube and headerCopper brazing
Hydraulic Test pressure5 kg / sq.cm.
Rated pressure2.5 Kg / sq. cm.
End connectionsBrass flared Flanges of threaded 1" BSP
Collector boxSpecially Extruded Aluminum sections
Box-back sheet jointPop riveted
Box-corner jointsScrewed
Back sheetAluminum sheet 0.6 / 0.7 mm thick
ReflectorAluminum foil 0.02 / 0.05 mm thick
GlazingToughened & tempered glass 4 mm thick-free From bubbles and scratches
Transmittance> 0.82
SealingSilicone Sealant
Back InsulationResin bonded Rockwool 50 mm thick. R=1.67 M2 °C / W, K=0.052 W / M2 . k
Side insulationResin bonded Rockwool 25 mm thick
Grommets & gasketsEPDM Rubber
Thermal performanceFRUL ≤ 6 W / M°C, FR (T&) ≥ 0.65 


Technical Specifications for Tank :
CapacityEqual to system capacity
MaterialSS 304 Non-magnetic stainless steel or epoxy coated G.I.
WeldingTIG welding (Argon inert gas welding) for SS304
ThicknessSuitable for tank capacity
InsulationGlasswool sheets 100 mm thick
CladdingPP Powder-coated G.I. sheets / Aluminum Cladding
Back up (Optional)Electrical coil of 2 KW (Optional)
Pressure rating0.5 Kg / cm2 for Non Press. systems; 3.5 - 5 Kg / cm2 for pressurized systems
*Warrantee5 years on Non Pressurized Model / 1 years on Pressurized Model


Monthly Savings Chart :
Traditional Energy

150 liter

3-4 Members

300 liter

9-10 Members

500 liter

15-16 Members

2 kw electric heater625/-*1250/-*2080/-*
Natural Gas523/-*1046/-*1744/-*

* Price of electric unit Rs. 4.5 + tax caculation is shown

* Price of gas Rs. 40 / Kg.

* In calculation, cold water temperature kept at 25°C & Heated temperature at 50°C

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