Heat Pumps

Hot Water is an everyday need for modern living. Traditionally, water is heated by burning fossil fuels or using electric heaters. These traditional methods of water heating consume much higher energy (electrical or fossil fuels), resulting in energy wastage.

Increasing energy costs of gas or oil heating systems, coupled with the need to meet Co2 emission targets has resulted in the growing interest in dedicated heat pumps. Rather than burning fossil fuels to produce heat and consequently Co2 emission, dedicated heat pumps use renewable energy from the environment like air, ground, and water. It consumes up to 70% less primary energy and therefore drastically reduces the pollution resulting from the use of fossil fuels.

Uratom Heat Pump (UHP) Series is a more efficient solution for heating water. It utilizes naturally available heat from water, ground, and even winter air and applies a vapor compression refrigerant cycle, consuming nearly one-quarter of the electrical energy required for traditional water heating. At 75% reduced energy consumption, this contributes to cleaner air.

Hot Water Assured
Hot Water Reliability
Low Lifecycle Cost
High Efficiency Design
Low Ambient Performance

Heat Pump

Heat Pump

Heat Pump

Uratom has developed a full range (from 200 Litres/hr To 1500 Litres/hr) of UHP water heating units built on heating optimized Special Compressors to provide seasonal efficient heating capacity and effective domestic hot water production in residential and commercial building applications. These are available for use with multiple refrigerants like R417A, R407C, R22, and R134A.

It is designed to deliver 55ºC – 60ºC water temperature irrespective of the weather conditions. It can operate from a wide ambient from 10ºC to 43ºC. UHP units come fitted with Best–In–Class “Shell & Tube” heat exchanger technology. These are easier to service compared to other available condensers in the field.

UHP series is designed for simple & easy operation in the field for end – users like Hotels, Hostels, Factories & Restaurants, etc. These units come with a “Simple User Interface” which allows service teams to get advance warnings about field failures and simple error codes for easy diagnosis & troubleshooting. This reduces downtime and increases system life.

Technical Specifications

All In One Monoblock
Model Unit UT01.5D/AIO UT02D/AIO UT02.6D/AIO UT01D UT01.2D UT02D UT03D UT05D
Water Heating   kW 3.6 3.6 5.3 8.0 11.4 19.3
  Heating Capacity BTU/h 12288 12288 18090 27306 38912 65877
  Heating Input Power kW 0.9 0.9 1.3 2.0 2.7 4.5
  Heating Input Current A 4.1 4.1 5.9 9.0 12.3 9.0
  Refrigerant   R417A/R22/R410A/R134A/R407C R22/R417/R410A/R134A/R470C
Power Supply   220V/1ø/50Hz 220V/1ø/50Hz 380V/3ø/50Hz
Controller Type   Intelligent & LCD Intelligent & LCD
Compressor Compressor Type   Rotary*1 Rotary*1 Scroll*1
  Compressor Brand   Copeland / Panasonic / Hitachi Copeland / Panasonic / Hitachi
Fan Motor Fan Type   Low noise high-efficiency axial type Low noise high-efficiency axial type
  Fan Input Power W 12 28 90
  Fan Speed RPM 850 850
Heat Exchanger   External Copper Coil Shell & Tube
Protection Low-Pressure Protection   Yes Yes
  High-Pressure Protection   Yes Yes
  Automatic Defrosting System   Yes Yes
  Overload Protection   Yes Yes
Dimension Unit Size mm ø510*1660 ø570*1750 ø570*2100 1000*365*560 1115*480*720 1111*475*1255
  Approx. Weight kg 75 85 95 45 52 60 105 155
Noise in 1 meter dB(A) ≤43 ≤54 ≤55 ≤58
Water Tank Water Tank Volume ltr 150 200 260          
  Water Pipe Size mm       ø20 ø25
  Rated Heated Water Output         100 150 200 300 500
Cabinet   Galvanized Powder Coated Steel Galvanized Powder Coated Steel
Heating: Ambient temp. (DB/WB); 20oC / 15oC, Water temp (input/output) : 15oC / 55oC.

 Unique Compressor Design Developed To Provide A Reliable Water Heating Solution

 55°C – 60°C Hot Water Available 24/7; Independent of Weather Conditions

 Adjustable Water Temperature & Accurate Temperature Control

 Significant Energy Savings; Upto 75% Compared to Traditional Heating Systems

 Environmentally Friendly Design

 Comes With Full Electrical Protection

Reliable And Easy Maintenance; Designed For Safe Operation

Designed & Manufactured In India


Uratom Special compressor provides energy efficient alternative for hot water, swimming pool Heating & space heating to replace the use of electric heaters and fuel-fired boilers. It is designed based on Uratomʼs strong manufacturing experiences, that recognizes as a reliable and effective product. On this strong base, Uratom provides heating special technology and multiple new product design features.

  • Panasonic Compressor – Safe, Reliables, Stable running & durable.
  • Saginomiya four-way valve – It is very efficient in defrosting in low ambient temperatures also.
  • Saginomiya electronic expansion valve – making the best velocity of flow. It can regulate automatically from 0 to 500 rank which makes the system run at a stable state and reduces trouble.
  • Friendly Refrigerant – R417A, R410A, R134A.
  • Strong Cabinet – Standard unit fabrication consists of a heavy gauge galvanized sheet metal cabinet, manufactured that provides maximum Strength.
  • Full Consideration for Noise Control – Compressor rubber feet are specially selected for reducing vibration.
  • Reliable Design and Strict Quality Control – All products are tested and run at the factory to assure proper operation of all components and safety switches.



20°C to 60°C

  • Utensils
  • Washing
  • Cooking


30°C to 60°C

  • Swimming Pool
  • Steam Bath
  • Bathing
  • Laundry


55°C to 60°C

  • Stream Bath
  • Bathing
  • Kitchen

Technical Specification (Swimming Pool / Commercial)

Model   UT040Sw UT060Sw UT100Sw UT130Sw UT150Sw
Water Heating Heating Capacity kW 13.5 22.8 33.5 45.7 54.0
BTU/h 46080 77824 114346 155989 184319
  Cooling Capacity kW 8.2 13.5 20 30 37
BTU/h 27989 46080 68200 102400 12628
  Heating Input Power kW 2.4 4 6 8.2 9.6
  Cooling Input Power kW 2.7 4.3 6.5 9.6 12
  Heating Input Current A 11 7.2 10.8 14.7 17.2
  Cooling Input Current A 12.3 7.7 11.6 17.2 21.5
  COP   5.62 5.7 5.58 5.57 5.62
  Refrigerant   R417A (R22/R407C/R410A for option)
Power Supply   220V/1ø/50Hz 380V/3ø/50Hz
Controller Type   Intelligent & LCD
Compressor Compressor Type   Scroll*1 Scroll*1 Scroll*1 Scroll*2 Scroll*2
  Compressor Brand   Copeland / Panasonic / Hitachi
Fan Motor Fan Type   Low noise high-efficiency axial type
  Fan Input Power W 90 250 250 250 250
  Fan Speed rpm 750 850 850 850 850
Heat Exchanger   Shell & Tube
Protection Low-Pressure Protection   Yes
  High-Pressure Protection   Yes
  Automatic Defrosting System   Yes
  Overload Protection   Yes
Dimension Unit Size mm 1110*470*680 855*775*1095 980*860*1525 1550*845*1180 1550*845*1180
  Approx. Weight kg 68 125 220 270 350
Noise in 1 meter dB(A) ≤54 ≤56 ≤58 ≤60 ≤63
Water piping Water Pipe Size mm ø50 ø50 ø50 ø63 ø63
  Water Flow Volume ltr/h 4000 6000 10,000 13,000 15,000
Cabinet   Galvanized Powder Coated Steel
Heating Working Condition: Outdoor DB/WB temp: 24oC/19oC, 62.5%RH, Inlet Water temp: 26oC.
Cooling Working Condition: Outdoor DB/WB temp: 35oC/24oC, 68%RH, Inlet Water temp: 30oC.