Solar Rooftops


Uratom is one of the largest installers of solar rooftop or photovoltaic (PV) systems in India, providing cost-effective and sustainable energy solutions. By installing a solar rooftop system for your home, you can achieve significant savings on your electricity bills. The installation of solar rooftops for residential and commercial purposes is being actively encouraged by the government.

Why Uratom Solar Rooftop?

  • 39 years of solar product experience.
  • One of India’s most trusted solar brands.
  • 35 MW+ commercial rooftop installed
  • 15 MW+ domestic rooftop installed.
  • Custom design and engineering services.

Uratom has successfully installed rooftop solar power plants for over 4,000 homes under various government schemes in India. This presents an opportune moment to invest in solar rooftop systems, as excess energy generated can be credited and carried forward for up to a year. Solar rooftops offer an affordable, greener, cleaner, and cheaper alternative for energy consumption.

Institutions such as schools, colleges, universities, research organizations, and non-profit organizations can also benefit from solar rooftop systems to meet their energy needs. Although traditional sources of power have been the primary source of energy, there is a growing trend of homeowners embracing solar power systems due to their tremendous benefits.

Solar Rooftop (Domestic)

Domestic Solar Rooftop

Domestic solar rooftop systems are a sustainable and cost-effective solution to meet the energy needs of households. By harnessing the power of the sun, these systems can help reduce electricity bills and carbon footprint. With government incentives and subsidies, the installation of solar rooftop systems has become more accessible and affordable for homeowners.

Uratom is a leading provider of domestic solar rooftop systems in India, offering cost-effective and sustainable energy solutions for households. The company has successfully installed over 4,000 residential solar systems under various government schemes in India, making it a trusted and reliable brand. Uratom provides custom design and engineering services to cater to the specific energy needs of each household. By promoting the use of domestic solar rooftops, Uratom is committed to promoting a greener and cleaner future for India.

Advantages of Solar Rooftop

  • No electricity cost as your solar system fulfils all your Electricity requirements.
  • Availability of electricity even in the event of a power outage.
  • Empowers you to become independent in your electricity need.
  • Raises the value of your home or building.
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Preserves the environment and resources for the future generation.

Annual Saving Chart (Rs.)

KW Annual Unit Annual Saving*
2 2500-3000 15000-18000
3 4000-5000 24000-30000
5 7000-8000 42000-48000
10 13000-17000 78000-100000

The Main Components Of Solar Rooftop

  • Solar photovoltaic panels (Solar Modules)
  • Support structure for solar module
  • Inverter
  • Cables & Other Accessories

How Does Rooftop Solar Work?

  • When the sunlight hits the solar cells on a rooftop solar panel, it converts particles of sunlight (photons) into electrons of direct current (DC) electricity.
  • Solar inverter – installed on the outside side of your house – changes the electricity from DC to AC (alternating current). So, TV, computers, appliances… pretty much everything runs off of AC electricity.
  • When solar panels are installed, a solar meter is also installed. meter, allows us to monitor your system’s solar power production, catch any potential problems, and repair them.
  • Solar electricity from the inverter flows through a solar panel to your home or the grid.
  • Net meter reports to the utility company. Your utility uses it to read the amount of electricity you use from the grid during times when your solar system is not as active.

Solar Rooftop (Industrial / Commercial)

Industrial / Commercial Solar Rooftop

When it comes to commercial solar installation in India, Uratom Solar takes the lead with its state-of-the-art production facility, quality products and its EPC solutions. As an EPC Company, Uratom Solar recognizes its prime responsibility to educate business owners about the benefits of renewable energy before its implementation.

Uratom Solar offers customized solutions for solar rooftop systems in commercial and industrial establishments, utilizing idle roof space to provide a good return on investment. By implementing sustainable solar power solutions, Uratom Solar helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint and energy costs.

Fulfil your Solar RPO (Renewable Purchase Obligation)
  • Your own On-Grid Parallel Solar Power Station
  • Saving in transmission & distribution losses
  • Environmental friendly
  • Benefits of Accelerated Depreciation for industrial & commercial purposes
  • Green Energy generation for a long time
  • Rooftop – No requirement for additional land
  • Reduction in electricity bill by supplying surplus power to local DISCOM.

Opex Model (Build-Own-Operate)

Avoid the capex and the performance risk. Under this model, you only pay for the energy generated, typically 20-40% cheaper than the grid electricity tariff with zero investment on the asset, thus saving money in the process. Operation and maintenance will be handled by us. Sign a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with us to save on your power cost.

  • Project Finance
  • Installation
  • 25 years of Operations
  • Customer Saving on monthly energy bills

Capex Model (My Solar Plant)

Uratom Solar will install the solar power plant, and you take the asset ownership. Post installation, our expert engineers will ensure your solar energy operations run efficiently under an operation & maintenance agreement.

  • The client pays for EPC cost
  • Sign a long-term O&M Contract (optional)
  • Carbon footprint reduction & tax saving
  • The client will own the system

Solar Farm (Open Access)

Uratom Solar can supply solar power to you from one of our solar farms in Gujarat. There is zero upfront investment and the power supplied will be cheaper than the grid electricity under a long-term Power Purchase Agreement.

  • Uratom will set up a solar farm in a remote location
  • Uratom will wheel power to your facility using grid infrastructure
  • Multiple
  • Uratom Solar bills you for electricity supplied

The Main Components Of Solar Rooftop

  • Solar photovoltaic panels
  • Support structure for solar module
  • Inverter
  • Cables & Other Accessories

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